“FountainGate Ministries International trains up a multi-generational group of people to host His presence and experience revival. Legacy is at the heart of everything we do.”

FountainGate Ministries International is the apostolic ministry of LaNora and Jody Morin. From their base of operations in Mesa, Arizona, LaNora and the FountainGate Team raise up believers who know how to hear God’s voice, host His presence, and grow in their appreciation for the Word of God.

The vision of FGMI is to help guide the revival remnant through times in His presence, encounters with His power, and to equip and train His people so they will reap a harvest in the last days.

FGMI loves to host dynamic conferences that focus on the Glory of God, the truth of the Word, and the demonstration of the Holy Spirit. These conferences are not only frequented by authentic five-fold leaders in the Body of Christ, but they are geared toward strengthening relationships.

Apostles LaNora and Jody serve as the apostolic covering for Fountain of Life Christian Fellowship in Mesa, Arizona and for FountainGate Revival Center in Tuscon, Arizona. Their apostolic covering includes the nearly forty ordained ministers of the FountainGate Ministry Network. This growing family of ministers spans the United States and extends to the nations, and is growing by God’s grace. LaNora and Jody speak into these ministers, providing insight, counsel, and godly covering.

The Vision of FGMI has always been to help guide the revival remnant through times in God’s presence and through encounters with His power. We want to help equip the Body of Christ to reap the harvest in these last days.

“The devil knows if he can keep you defeated with shame and condemnation, you will not be able to make your freedom stand. It’s time for a new identity – a new look for the new day!”

40 Days of Freedom

From a young age, LaNora was passionate about genuinely knowing Jesus. She met the Holy Spirit in 1974 when He supernaturally baptized her one night when she was praying at home.

At ten years old, LaNora found out that she had severe scoliosis. Although doctors said she would be confined to a wheelchair, a young orthopedic surgeon believed he could save her from that fate and wanted to try a new procedure. She went through multiple surgeries, intensive procedures, all with positive outcomes. The healing experience brought her closer to Jesus.

LaNora graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication And Education, thinking she would be a school teacher. Instead, within a year of graduation, the Lord called LaNora and her husband into the ministry. They started as youth pastors and served in every capacity they could until 1983, when they became senior pastors in Mesa, AZ. She co-pastored with her husband for 13 years and then went through a painful divorce after 31 years of marriage. However, her marriage gave her two beautiful daughters, Melanie and Kari, and seven grandchildren.

In 2000, Dr. Fuchsia T. Pickett passed on her ministry, FountainGate Ministries, to LaNora. She went on to receive a Master’s degree and an honorary Doctorate in Biblical Studies. LaNora is also a certified life coach, and all of this training serves her heart for equipping others to do the work of the ministry. To LaNora, raising up a legacy of on-fire revivalists for the Glory of God is the primary mission.

In 2012, LaNora married Jody Morin. Jody is a prophetic intercessor and serves alongside her at FountainGate Ministries International.

She currently serves in an apostolic role at Fountain of Life Christian Fellowship in Mesa, AZ. LaNora is also the apostolic oversight for FountainGate Revival Center in Tucson, AZ. Because LaNora felt the heavy burden to train and equip the people of God, she founded FountainGate School of Revival, an online, fully accredited Bible College. She also holds prophetic conferences focusing on Revival and refreshing God’s people.

“The Lord is calling for ‘Elisha’s of today’ to emerge in this hour, committed, on fire for Jesus, desiring to display the unlimited supernatural power of Heaven.”

Sons Of Purpose-Devotional

Jody Morin is a prophetic intercessor, Fountaingate Ministries leader, and husband to LaNora Morin.

In 1996, Jody gave his life to the Lord at an AA meeting. He was radically saved after many years of drug addiction and was personally changed by this encounter with Jesus.

Not long after that life-changing first encounter with Jesus, Jody was filled with the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues in a home meeting one day. After that, he attended many revival meetings, where he was often called out of the crowd and was prophesied to about his future ministry.

Jody is a general contractor, but that has never stopped him from preaching the Gospel. He has won many people to the Lord on job sites, using the tailgate of his truck as an altar.

He furthers his study of the Word and ministry as he partners with LaNora in running FountainGate Ministries. The Lord uses him in prophesy, word of knowledge, and miracles.

Jody has a daughter, son, and three grandsons.