Here is the truth: there is simply no way that FountainGate Ministries International can accomplish its assignment in the Kingdom without the help of God’s people. We can’t do it without you! 

When you become a FountainGate Partner, you will be joining hands with us as we seek to empower the Church to stand in the fullness of its apostolic identity. You’ll be supporting our conferences and events, but more importantly, you will be facilitating someone’s revival encounter. 

Your partnership will also allow us to continue our development of the FountainGate School of Revival, which is our fully-accredited, online Bible school. Your partnership will help us to continue training ministers to study the Word of God and to flow in the gifts of the Spirit. We believe in academic excellence and sound biblical doctrine, but we believe it must be forged in the fires of revival. 

Your FountainGate Partnership will also allow us to focus on developing relationships with our FountainGate Network of ministers, committing our time to pour into both current and prospective ministers. This is one of the ways that we can help to build and equip the Body of Christ, because if we can raise up authentic five-fold voices in this hour, we will also see authentic five-fold results. 

FountainGate Ministries International was founded by Dr. Fuchsia Pickett, who instilled in her spiritual sons and daughters a passionate love for the study of the Word of God. This ministry now serves as an apostolic covering, as a Bible School, and as a media source through podcasts and live-streamed events.

We would be honored if you would help us raise up the next generation of revival leaders by partnering with us on a monthly basis. Help us host Him!